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The Mercy: One-Night Event on December 6th

The Mercy: One-Night Event on December 6th

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Fifty years after the original Sunday Times Golden Globe Race, Colin Firth and Rachel Weisz now bring Donald Crowhurst’s tragic story, in which an amateur gambles everything on a shot at racing around the world, to the big screen.

Although the story is well-known to most sailors, no matter how many times we hear it or read about it, the fascination with Donald Crowhurst’s sad end never seems to wane. In James Marsh’s new film, The Mercy, audiences will also relive the drama, exhilaration and heartbreak of one of the most legendary sailing races of all time.

Spectacularly acted and beautifully shot, anyone interested in nautical history should mark their calendars, as The Mercy is a beautiful tribute to the Crowhurst family and the race that changed everything for them.

This film will be screened in theaters for one night on Thursday, December 6. Click here to get tickets and find a screening near you: