An Exciting Start to the 36th America’s Cup

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The scores are in for the first day of racing in Auckland’s America’s Cup World Series: American Magic leads with two victories, followed by one win apiece for Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli and Emirates Team New Zealand, and in fourth, INEOS Team UK who have yet to put a point on the scoreboard.

Though America’s Cup teams have famously brought out a number of tricks to shock the competition with on the start line, none of the four teams pulled an ace from their pocket for this first round. While American Magic is currently in the lead, it's mistakes from the competition—not a boat design coup—that put them there. Fortunately for spectators, this makes for exciting, evenly matched racing, and we’re sure to see some outstanding sailing in the days to come.

The double round-robin format means each team will race each other twice with two American Magic vs. Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli races and two INEOS Team UK vs. Emirates Team New Zealand races on the schedule for today.

The America’s Cup World Series is the first of three AC75 events leading up to the America’s Cup itself. The World Series will consist of two more days of racing and will be followed by a one-off Christmas Race on December 20 (December 19, U.S. time). And finally, the Prada Cup (January 15-February 22) will determine which of the competitors will win the chance to challenge Emirates Team New Zealand for the America’s Cup itself.

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