2012 Les Salons du Multicoques

Les Salons du Multicoques is a small, but influential European multihull boat show held on the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts of France in alternate years. This year it was held over a windblown, rainy weekend (April 18-22) in Lorient in Brittany next to a collection of massive submarine pens that date back to World War II. It didn't seem to me the show was very well attended, but all the builders I spoke to there had BIG smiles on their faces. As they explained it, this was a process of natural selection. Anyone willing to travel all the way to Lorient (it took me four hours by train from Paris to get there) and to come out in such grim weather HAD to be seriously interested in buying a boat. "No tire-kickers here," they said. And though I was, indeed, just a tire-kicker myself, I found plenty there to catch my interest.
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Know How: Cleaning Stainless

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Cruising: Sailing With a Young Family

The dark is alive when you are surrounded by water. Black is tinted blue and silver, and sky meets surf with electricity and the lapping sounds of silence. Inside our 36ft catamaran, moored off Cooper Island in the BVI, the raw nature outside, just now settling down from a late ...read more


Boat Review: Island Packet 349

After years of quiescence in the wake of the Great Recession, iconic Island Packet is back with its new 349, a re-boot of the old Estero that not only looks great, but takes the Island Packet style of sailing performance to a new level. Design & Construction First among the many ...read more


Video Tour: Neel 51 Trimaran

At this past fall’s Annapolis Boat Show, SAIL magazine had a chance to corner Neel Trimarans founder Eric Bruneel and have him give us a tour of the accommodations aboard the new Neel 51, winner of the “Multihull over 50ft” category in the 2019 Best Boats contest. For a complete ...read more


Electronic “Flares” for Cruisers

The United States Coast Guard requires that all boats operating in coastal waters or on the high seas carry a selection of visual distress signals. Almost invariably, such signals include the pyrotechnic type, either handheld or fired from a flare pistol, but surely there are ...read more


Gear: M2 Chain Hook from Mantus

Stay Hooked Chain hooks on anchor snubber lines tend to fall off when you least want them to. Not so this latest example from Mantus. The M2 Chain Hook is secured to the chain by a simple elastic strap, so it won’t come off when the snubber loosens. Made from corrosion-resistant ...read more