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UltraWhip VHF Antenna

There’s weight, and then there’s weight way out at your boat’s extremities, where it will do the most to impede performance.
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Getting the Weight Out


There’s weight, and then there’s weight way out at your boat’s extremities, where it will do the most to impede performance. Every ounce saved there can make all the difference in the world, whether you race or cruise. To this end, the ISAF-compliant UltraWhip VHF antenna helps sailors shed pounds from where weight arguably does the most harm—the very tip of your mast. The antenna is about 18in long and weighs a mere 1.2 oz. An LMR ultralight coax cable, which weighs 30 to 50 percent less than standard coax, and a titanium mounting bracket complete the system.

$79, UltraWhip, ultrawhip.us



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