Gear: Torqeedo 1,100W outboard

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Electric Outboard


According to Torqeedo, its recently introduced Travel 1103 C emissions-free, direct-drive 1,100W outboard is the quietest in its class, operating at just 33 decibels, the equivalent of a human whisper. The motor comes with a 915Wh (watt-hour) rechargeable battery capable of powering a small inflatable at a speed of 5.5 knots for up to 6 miles, delivering propulsion equivalent to a 3ph combustion outboard. All-up weight is about 37lb, and the motor is waterproofed to an IP67 (temporary immersion) standard and covered by a 2-year warranty. As is the case with all Torqeedo outboards, the Travel

1103 comes with a number of high-tech accessories for doing things like monitoring battery state and range. It can also be operated by remote throttle, and with the optional Bluetooth dongle your smart phone can be used to monitor the motor as well. $2,000. Torqeedo,



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