Gear: Switlik’s MOM 8-S

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Throw your MOM Overboard


A crew-overboard scenario is about the worst thing that happen to a sailor. You need to act quickly and decisively to keep tabs on the victim, circle back to them, and get them back onboard. In other words, you need something like Switlik’s MOM 8-S, a smaller, soft-packed version of the popular MOM 8-A inflatable flotation device. It deploys manually at the tug of a handle, so you don’t need to worry about rain or spray triggering it. The inflatable underarm buoy has 35lb of flotation and a 16in sea anchor to reduce drift; the attached 6ft inflatable pylon is easy to see even when the victim is obscured by waves, and has a flashing light and reflective panels. $449. Switlik,

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May 2017




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