Gear: Onyx Belt Pack Life Jacket

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Onyx Belt Pack Life Jacket

Wearing a lifejacket while cruising is just plain smart. Double that when you’re offshore or cruising shorthanded. But let’s face it—PFDs, no matter how sleek or new or lightweight, are bulky and annoying. That’s where the Belt Pack Life Jacket from Onyx comes into play—think of it as a fanny pack that can save your life. The life jacket is inflated when the “jerk to inflate” handle is pulled (with a backup oral inflation option) and is easily pulled over the user’s head for buoyancy while you wait for the cavalry to come. The pack is comfortable, with a lightweight, low-profile design, and has a zipper pocket where you can store your keys, a camera and sunblock. The Belt Pack is a U.S. Coast Guard approved Type V Life Jacket and a certified PFD with Type III performance. $139.99. Onyx,

September 2016



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