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LotusGrill Artland

Having a quality grill onboard is paramount for relaxing nights on the hook—after you’ve sailed all day and dropped the anchor, who wants to sweat down in the galley cooking dinner? The Artland from LotusGrill is a great fit for your boat, ready to go from the deck to the dock to the beach. The grill weighs less than 9lb, is easily moved about, and is ready to cook in just three minutes thanks to a battery-driven internal fan that blows air directly onto the charcoal. A variable heat controller on the side of the grill allows you to adjust the temperature, and the double-walled exterior keeps the grill cool even while it’s at full heat, so it’s safe to have in the cockpit, on a table or on the beach.

$200. Lotus Grills,

July 2016



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