Gear: KVH's TracPhone V3-HTS Marine Satellite Antenna

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Compact Satcoms


Want to enjoy all the benefits of superfast shoreside internet connectivity while at sea, with an antenna that doesn’t dwarf your boat? The new TracPhone V3-HTS marine satellite antenna from KVH houses a host of features in a compact package. At just 14.5in diameter and weighing in at a svelte 25lb, the V3-HTS is not only the smallest available Ku-Band marine satcoms antenna, but at 5 Mbps download/2 Mbps upload it provides faster data speeds than most larger antennas. In operation, it communicates with KVH’s mini-VSAT Broadband HTS (high-throughput satellite) network, which uses Intelsat’s latest satellites. $17,995. KVH Industries,


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