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Gear: Ceecoach Communication


Can You Hear Me Now?


“Okay, let go. Depth is fifteen feet.” “I can’t hear you.” “I SAID LET GO!” “What? Speak up!” If that sounds familiar, you’re the typical husband-and-wife crew trying to anchor on a windy afternoon. Trying to make yourself heard from 35 or 40ft away can be near-impossible in some situations, and even when it’s calm, it is easy to mishear a command or question that could have unfortunate consequences. That’s why devices like the Ceecoach Xtreme fall under the umbrella of “marriage-savers.” Made in Germany, the Xtreme is a compact, IP67-rated dustproof and waterproof Bluetooth communicator, equipped with earbuds and a microphone that cuts wind noise. The device can be kept in a jacket pocket or fastened to your sleeve, and it has a range of over 500 yards, making it useful for kayaking and paddleboarding too. $419. Ceecoach,

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May 2017




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