Gear: ACR OLAS Overboard Tracking

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ACR Electronics’ Overboard Location Alert System (OLAS) technology works by creating a “virtual tether” between an OLAS wearable transmitter and any properly configured phone or tablet. ACR transmitters include the “Float-On” wearable strobe and wristwatch-like “Tag.” In an MOB situation, within eight seconds of the “tether” breaking, the ACR app on the mobile phone or tablet sounds an alarm and records the latitude and longitude where the crew was lost using the phone or tablet’s GPS. The OLAS system then helps the crew recover the MOB by directing it to the GPS location where the MOB occurred with clear visual signals and bearing data. Up to six Tags or Float-Ons can connect to a single wireless device, and multiple devices can track a single transmitter. To further extend the range of the “tether” for use aboard boats over 40ft, ACR offers what it calls its OLAS Core Base Station. From $84.95. ACR Electronics,



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