2014 Multihull Buyers Guide

Here's our comprehensive list of multihull builders, the boats they have available, and how to contact them.

Want to know more about multihulls and where to get them? Here's our comprehensive list of multihull builders, the boats they have available and how to contact them.

Admiral Yachts

Admiral Yachts

Admiral Yachts
Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Admiral Yachts offers a variety of cats suited for first-time sailors, short-handed sailing and chartering
Models: 38 Foot, 40 Foot, 50 Foot, Day Sailor, The Island Spirit
Contact: admiralyachts.co.za

Model: Aero 48e
Contact: aerofleet.be

Alpha 42

Alpha 42

The new Alpha 42, built in New York, is first in a line of modern catamarans being developed by Gregor Tarjan
Models: Alpha 42, 85 Aeroyacht, 110 Aeroyacht, 165 Aeroyacht
Contact: aeroyacht.com

African Cats
These cats are designed to be lightweight, comfortable leisure cruisers
Models: Fastcat/Greencat 445 World Cruiser, Fastcat/Greencat 445 Sports Cruiser, Greencat 605

Akea Catamaran
Akea’s mission is to create boats with limited electronics and equipment in order to focus “on the return to nature and pleasure of sailing”
Models: Akea 30, Akea 33, Akea 36, Akea 39, Akea 42, Akea 45
Contact: akea-catamaran.com

Designed in France and built in Thailand, Alibis are performance cruisers aimed at sailors who like a lightweight high-tech cat with ocean-crossing capability
Models: Alibi 54, Alibi 65
Contact: catalibi.fr

Havana 72

Havana 72

Alu Marine
Alu Marine builds luxury catamarans designed for both coastal and offshore cruises
Models: Havana 60, Douce France 138, Havana 72, Mojito 78, HH 100 
Contact: alumarine.fr

American Sail
With an emphasis on family-oriented dinghies, American Sail builds small cats that are easy to rig and fun to sail
Models: Aqua Cat 12.5, Aqua Cat 14
Contact: americansail.com

Antares Yachts
Antares claims its boats have a higher standard specification than any other catamaran
Models: 44i Asado
Contact: liveantares.com

Aquarius Sails Inc.
Aquarius Sails’s trailerable catamarans are built for speed and high-performance sailing
Models: RC-30, RC-27, ARC-22, ARC-21, ARC-17
Contact: aquarius-sail.com

Aquidneck Custom Composites
(aka Performance Multihulls)
The PT-11 is a high-performance trimaran
Models: PT-11, Three Little Birds, Cerulean, Leopard, Lely
Contact: aquidneckcustom.com; : performancemultihulls.com

Astus Boats
These trailerable daysailing trimarans are built with comfort and cost in mind, with cabins for shelter. According to Astus, maintenance costs are low
Models: Astus 14.1, Astus 18.2, Astus 20.2, Astus 22, Astus 24
Contact: astusboats.com

Aventura Catamarans
Aventura offers a wide range of cats to meet every sailor’s needs
Models: Aventura 20, Aventura 05.23, Aventura 28, Aventura 33, Aventura 43
Contact: aventura-catamarans.com

Balance 421

Balance 421

Balance Catamarans
Balance builds voyaging cats that are comfortable and safe and are designed to sail well—especially in light air
Models: Balance 421, Balance 451, Balance 601

Billie Marine
The sporty Multi 23 is built for both racing and family outings
Model: Multi 23
Contact: multi23.com

BroadBlue Catamarans
The Voyager 345 is under 32ft, yet offers plenty of living space
Models: Voyager 345, Voyager 385, Voyager 435, Rapier 400, Rapier 550
Contact: broadblue.com

BoatSmith custom-builds two of the famous Tiki designs by James Wharram in fiberglass
Models: Tiki 8, Tiki 30
Contact: boatsmithfl.com

Designed to cruise offshore quickly and comfortably, Catana’s performance cats have long been popular with bluewater sailors
Models: Catana 42, Catana 47, Catana 50, Catana 55, Catana 53, Catana 59, Catana 65, Catana 70
Contact: catana.com

Catathai is based in Thailand and builds efficient pleasure cats
Models: Catathai 34, Catathai 40, Catathai 50, Day Charter 60
Contact: catathai.com

Corsair 31RS

Corsair 31RS

Corsair Marine International
Long the best-known builder of folding trimarans in the U.S., Corsair’s line of high-performance trailerable tris is now manufactured in Vietnam. Corsair also offers a 50-foot catamaran
Models: Dash 750, Sprint 750, Corsair 28, Corsair 31, Corsair 37, Corsair 50
Contact: corsairmarine.com

Custom Fiberglass International
The Isotope and Cheshire are built-to-order performance cats
Models: Isotope, Cheshire
Contact: intl-fiberglass.com

Dean Catamarans
Dean Catamarans emphasizes offshore safety and claims their stylish boats are built to endure the harshest ocean conditions
Models: Dean 441, Dean 5000

Design Catamaran
The Toro 34 is an ultra-modern design ideal for high-performance sailing
Models: Toro 34
Contact: designcatamaran.com

Discovery Yachts
A good-looking Bill Dixon design, this boat is an exceptionally comfortable and well-constructed world-class cruiser
Models: Discovery 50
Contact: discoveryyachts.com

Dolphin Catamarans
Based in Brazil, Dolphin offers several models of cats for both recreational and commercial uses
Models: Dolphin 29, Dolphin 430, Dolphin 460, Dolphin 540, Dolphin 560, Dolphin 600, Dolphin 650,
Day Charter 600, Motor Sail 600, Motor Sail 680
Contact: dolphincatamarans.com

Dragonfly D28

Dragonfly D28

Dragonfly Trimarans
These quick, pretty swing-wing tris are built in Denmark to semi-custom specifications
Models: Dragonfly 28, Dragonfly 32, Dragonfly 35, Dragonfly 1200
Contact: trimarans.com

Endeavour Catamaran Corp.
These are fun, low-maintenance cruising cats that are built in the U.S.
Models: EndeavourCat 36, EndeavourCat 44
Contact: endeavourcats.com

Farrier Marine
Farrier Marine is in the process of building the new F-22, a low-cost entry-level trailerable trimaran
Models: F-22, F-82, F-85SR, F-9A, F-32, F-36, F-39, F-44R, F-44SC
Contact: f-boat.com

Flash Catamarans
The FlashCat 52S, currently built in Spain, is the first sailing cat by Flash; scheduled to launch in August 2013
Models: FlashCat 52S
Contact: flashcatamarans.com

Fountaine Pajot Victoria 67

Fountaine Pajot Victoria 67

Fountaine Pajot
The latest model from French manufacturer Fountaine Pajot is the Sanya 57, but its range of comfortable offshore-capable cats starts at 36 feet
Models: Mahé 36, Lipari 41, Hélia 44, Salina 48, Sanya 57, Victoria 67, Taiti Day Charter 80
Contact: fountaine-pajot.com 

Gemini Catamarans
The 34-foot Gemini is the biggest- selling cruising cat ever built in the U.S.
Models: Gemini Legacy 35
Contact: geminicatamarans.com

Gunboat 55

Gunboat 55

Fast, well-built and good-looking, Gunboats are now being built in the U.S.
Models: Gunboat 55, Gunboat 60, Gunboat 78, Gunboat 90
Contact: gunboat.com

Hobie Cat
Hobie’s legendary beach cats and trimarans set the standard for small, affordable multis
Models: Hobie Adventure Island, Hobie Tandem Island, Hobie Bravo, Hobie Wave, Hobie Getaway, Hobie 16, Hobie One, Hobie Wild Cat
Contact: hobiecat.com

indikon Boatworks
A cruising cat developed with Morrelli & Melvin, the indikon K4 is a clever variation on the motorsailer theme
Models: indikon K4
Contact: indikonboatworks.com

Isara Yachts
Isara claims that its 50-footer is exceptionally spacious and offers great performance without compromising comfort
Models: Isara 45, Isara 50, Isara 60

Model: Triptyque 23.2
Contact: jyplastcomposites.fr

Knysna Yacht Company
Built in South Africa for luxurious cruising, these Angelo Lavranos designs are equally at home on charter or on passage
Models: Knysna 440, Knysna 480, Knysna 500
Contact: knysnayachtco.com

Lady Hawke
Thanks to its low draft, the Lady Hawke 20 is great for coastal excursions
Models: Lady Hawke 33, Lady Hawke 20
Contact: lhcat.com

Lagoon 52

Lagoon 52

Lagoon Catamarans
The distinctive silhouettes of Lagoon’s popular cruising cats are a familiar sight in anchorages worldwide
Models: Lagoon 380, Lagoon 39, Lagoon 52, Lagoon 400 S2, Lagoon 421, Lagoon 450, Lagoon 560, Lagoon 620
Contact: cata-lagoon.com

Le Breton Yachts
Le Breton builds several racer-cruiser catamarans, the best known of which is the SIG45
Models: SIG45, SIG60, SIG80

Leopard Catamarans
A frequent SAIL Best Boats award winner, Leopard continues to improve its designs from model to model. The boats are also sold into charter service through The Moorings and Sunsail
Models: Leopard 39, Leopard 44, Leopard 48
Contact: leopardcatamarans.com

Maine Cat

Maine Cat

Maine Cat
Maine Cat builds roomy catamarans with an open bridgedeck layout, and also offers charters in the Bahamas
Models: Maine Cat 30, Maine Cat 41
Contact: mecat.com

Matrix Yachts
A family-owned South African builder, Matrix Yachts creates luxury catamarans
Models: Silhouette 760, Mirage 760, Vision 450
Contact: matrix-yachts.com

Maverick Yachts
The Maverick 400 was designed with extra-wide hulls, making it a roomy, bluewater cruising yacht
Models: Maverick 400
Contact: maverickyachts.co.za

McConaghy Boats
McConaghy is an Australian firm that builds a variety of boats, including custom superyachts. Adastra, a trimaran
superyacht, was nominated for the 2013 World’s Superyacht Award
Models: MC2 60, California 45 
Contact: mcconaghyboats.com

Motive Trimarans
Built out of carbon fiber with a simple loose-footed mainsail, these trimarans are perfect for daysailing or inshore racing
Models: Motive 25R, Motive 15R
Contact: motivetrimarans.com

The Band 870 is a speedster cruising cat perfect for family or shorthanded sailing
Model: Bandit 870
Contact: multido.fr

Based in France, Multiplast custom-builds performance cruising catamarans and trimarans out of composite materials
Models: Magic Cat, Multiplast 85, Exclusive 76
Contact: multiplast.eu

The Bicok 21 is an open cat designed for daysailing on the coast
Model: Bicok 21
Contact: multi-raid.com

Nacra Catamarans
Nacra offers a variety of crafts, including recreational sailing cats, racing cats and cats designed for sailing schools
Models: Nacra 460 Fun, Nacra 500 Fun, Nacra 570 Fun, Nacra 580 Fun, Nacra 400 Sport, Nacra 460 Sport, Nacra 500 Sport, Nacra 570 Sport, Nacra 580 Sport, Nacra F16, Nacra 17, Nacra F18 Infusion MK2, Nacra F20 Carbon, Nacra 460 School, Nacra 500 School, Nacra 570 School
Contact: nacrasailing.com

Nautitech 442

Nautitech 442

These elegant French-built cats are available with single or twin helm stations
Models: Nautitech 40, 441, 442, 482, 541, 542
Contact: nautitech.fr

These unique, spacious cruising trimarans are designed for fast sailing
Models: Neel 45, Neel 50
Contact: neel-trimarans.com/en

O Yachts
The 46 cat is built for speed and is highly customizable 
Models: 46 Catamaran, 60 Catamaran
Contact: o-yachts.com

Ocean Lake Marine
This Swedish company builds a pair of outrageously fast one-design trimarans
Model: Seacart 26, Seacart 30
Contact: seacart30.com

Outremer 5X

Outremer 5X

Outremer Yachting
Outremer’s performance cruising cats are well built and rewarding to sail
Models: Outremer 45, Outremer 51, Outremer 5X

Pedigree Cats
Pedigree builds completely custom cats and offers over 30 models and several interior and exterior designs
Models: PC Moto Sailer 62, Lidgard 63, Shuttleworth 63, Grainger 65, Lidgard 73, PC 3ID 80 Motor Sail, TZ3D 85, Zin 85, PC 86, Pedigree Cat 95, Tri-Star 104, Pedigree Cat 105, Pedigree Cat 106, Pedigree 120
Contact: pedigreecats.com

These Marc Lombard designs are built in France and have a good reputation among cruising sailors
Models: Privilege 585, Privilege 61, Privilege 65, Privilege 745
Contact: privilegeyachtsusa.com

Prout Americas
A company with a broad spectrum of competitively priced boats, Prout’s catamarans are tried and true
Models: P-568, P-626, P-728, P-86, P-77
Contact: proutamericas.com

The French-built Rackam 26 is a performance cat available in several configurations, one of which is aimed at coastal cruising
Model: Rackam 26
Contact: forummarine.com

Radical Bay

Radical Bay

Radical Yachts
A SAIL Best Boats award winner, the Radical is a “biplane cat”—with two masts—designed in Australia. It can also be ordered with a single mast
Models: Radical Bay 8000

Reynolds Design/XS Cats
A sleek cat built for speed, the XS 35 has destroyer bows, curved beams, all rolling-furler sails and a cabin for four
Models: XS 35, XS 45

Royal Cape Catamarans
Royal Cape’s two models are designed with luxury in mind and can be purchased through fractional ownership plans
Models: Majestic 500, Majestic 530
Contact: royalcapecatamarans.com

The Searail 19 trimaran is trailerable and lightweight and is perfect for sailors of all experience levels
Model: Searail 19
Contact: searail19.com

Seawind Catamarans
Designed and built in Australia, Seawinds are distinctive sweet-sailing cats that are optimized for warm-weather sailing
Models: Seawind 1160, Seawind 1000XL2, Seawind 1050 Resort, Seawind 1250, Seawind 950
Contact: seawindcats.com



A 14-foot inflatable catamaran that converts into a fender sailors can zip around in. Better yet, it can be tucked into two, 45-pound duffel bags, making it perfect for sailors with limited storage space and those looking to carry their boat to the beach
Model: SmartKat
Contact: smartkat.at

SMG Multihull
SMG claims that the 50plus is the easiest ocean cruising cat to handle
Models: SMG 50plus, Ninja
Contact: sail-the-difference.com

Free Flow Catamarans

Free Flow Catamarans

Stanton Multihulls
The Free Flow series consists of a variety of cats, ranging from coastal cruisers to luxury ocean cats
Models: Free Flow 8.5, Free Flow 40, Free Flow 46, Free Flow 52, Free Flow 66
Contact: freeflowcatamarans.com

St Francis Marine
Based on the St Francis 48 design, the St Francis 50 offers easy handling and is described as a “passagemaker of note”
Models: St Francis 50
Contact: stfrancismarine.com

Sunreef Yachts
This high-end Polish builder has a range of luxurious custom and semi-custom catamarans
Models: Sunreef 58, Sunreef 82, Sunreef 64, Sunreef 70, Sunreef 75, Sunreef 80
Contact: sunreef-yachts.com

Swiss Catamaran Concept
The S2C 55 is a modern bluewater cat designed to be luxurious
Models: S2C 55
Contact: swisscatamaran.com

Tag 60

Tag 60

Tag Yachts
Tag Yachts touts its Tag60’s comfort, ease of sailing and all-around high performance
Model: Tag60
Contact: tagyachts.com

TomCat Boats
Ontario-based TomCat has two models: a trailerable daysailer and a 32-footer for longer cruises
Models: TomCat 6.2, TomCat 9.7
Contact: tomcatboats.com

The lightweight,14-foot rotomolded Topaz is a great beach cruiser that is easy to handle. A spinnaker and trapeze is optional, making this an ideal cat for intermediate sailors
Models: Cat 14CX
Contact: topazsailboats.com

The Access 6 and Tricat 22 are stable performance trimarans that can be sailed by children and adults alike
Models: Access 6, Tricat 22, Tricat 23.05, Tricat 25
Contact: trimaran-tricat.com 

Voyage Yachts
A line of attractive sea-kindly cruising catamarans built in France
Models: Voyage 450, Voyage 470, Voyage DC 45, Voyage DC 52, Voyage 520, Voyage 600
Contact: voyageyachts.com

Westerly Marine
A stylish high-performance custom-built catamaran, the first Morrelli Melvin 65 was launched in 2010
Models: Morrelli Melvin 65
Contact: westerly-marine.com

Weta Trimaran

Weta Trimaran

Weta Marine
Weta’s sporty 16-foot trimaran is easy to handle on and off the water
Models: Weta 
Contact: wetamarine.com

Windpearl Yachts
Known for high-end semi-custom monohulls, this French yard has now added a luxury cat to its range
Models: Windpearl 60
Contact: forummarine.com

Windrider’s daysailing trimarans are built for speed and easy handling, with foot pedal steering and optional trampolines
Models: Windrider 17, Windrider Tango, Windrider 16, Windrider Rave
Contact: windrider.com

XL Catamarans
The lightweight TS 52.8 is an ocean racer that offers high-speed performance comfortable sailing
Model: TS 52.8
Contact: xlcatamarans.com



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