Ask Sail: Mix-and-Match Sails

I have a South Coast 22 and a Luger 26. Can I use the smaller sails from the South Coast on the bigger boat?

Jeff Newton of Nebo, North Carolina asks:

I have a South Coast 22 and a Luger 26. Can I use the smaller sails from the South Coast on the bigger boat? We don’t race. We just like to enjoy some laid-back sailing.

Win Fowler replies:

I see no reason why you can’t use the South Coast sails on the Luger, provided they can be bent on correctly and you can sheet the headsail properly. The mainsail on the South Coast isn’t much smaller than the Luger’s regular mainsail. It should have the same hoist and be about 6 inches shorter along the foot. The biggest difference will be the headsail, but that shouldn’t adversely affect the handling or safety of the boat. 




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