US Sailing Invites Public to Diversity Panel

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On Tuesday, August 4, US Sailing’s Leadership Forum is hosting a town hall style conversation to help individuals and organizations achieve diversity, equity and inclusion goals. The conversation will be centered on providing practical guidance for conducting outreach and best practices for fostering relationships with communities that are underrepresented in the sport of sailing.

The panel, moderated by National Women’s Sailing Association vice-president, Ayme Sinclair, will include prominent sailors of color—Karen Harris, president of the Jackson Park Yacht Club Foundations and vice-chair of the US Sailing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee; Captain Bill Pinkney, the first African American to complete a solo circumnavigation; Lou Sandoval, the Commodore of the Chicago Yacht Club and US Sailing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee member; and Joey Harris, the manager of sailing for the Chicago Park District and 2014 recipient of the US Sailing Community Sailing Award for Outstanding Adaptive Sailing Programs.

The conversation begins at 8 p.m. EDT, and both the general public and officials from yacht clubs and other sailing organizations are encouraged to attend. To tune in live or watch a replay, click here

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