Sail Repair: Palming It

Every cruising boat should carry a sailmaker's palm along with a kit of essential sail-repair tools
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 Carry both a left- and right-handed palm in your ditty bag - that way no one can beg off plying a needle when the time comes

Carry both a left- and right-handed palm in your ditty bag - that way no one can beg off plying a needle when the time comes

Every cruising boat should carry a sailmaker’s palm along with a kit of essential sail-repair tools. Most people are right-handed, hence the palms you find in most sailors’ kits are for right-handers. But there may well come a time when you have to stitch up a long tear in a large sail—and if the only other person on board is a leftie, then you’ve just sentenced yourself to a long and tedious stint with the needle. As a leftie myself, I added a right-handed palm to my kit to make sure that no one has any excuse not to join in the sail-repair fun. 



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