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There’s nothing quite like sailing a J. Over 14,000 owners know the feeling - the rush of acceleration, the instant fingertip response to the helm, the excitement of speed both upwind and down, and the confidence that comes from sailing a well-built, easy performing sailboat. Founded in 1977, J/Boats leads the world in designing fun, fast and easy-to-handle sailboats for all ages and abilities. The J/24 started it all, and has since grown to be the most popular offshore one-design in the world with over 5,500 boats sailing. The new, ramp-launchable J/70 speedster is today’s fastest growing sportboat. The rest of the J/Boats line-up includes new generation speedsters (J/88, J/111), daysailers (J/95, J/100), the new E Series of versatile performance cruiser-racers (J/97E, J/112E, J/122E), and family-friendly one-designs (J/22, J/80, J/105).

J/Boats, Inc. 557 Thames St. Newport, RI 02840 Tel 401-846-8410 Email info@jboats.comwww.jboats.com


The J/80 is the gold standard for international sportboat competition and training, thanks to its unique combination of stability, speed, durability, low maintenance and age-friendly deck layout. It even has a full-length V-berth and a 12-foot-long cockpit. Discover why J/80 has become the “family one-design” with over 1,500 boats in 20+ countries.

LOA: 26ft 4in • LWL: 22ft • Beam: 8ft 4in • Draft: 4ft 11in Ballast: 1,400 lbs • Displacement: 2,900 lbs • Sail Area: 338 ft2 Engine: Outboard • Designer: Rod Johnstone


The J/70 is all about FUN! It’s J/Boats’ first ramp-launchable sportboat. With lifting bulb keel, carbon mast and boom, this speedy one-design sails 6+ kts upwind and planes over 15+ kts downwind. Over 700 boats are sailing in 18+ countries in the first three years after launch. Simple to own and easy-to-handle, J/70 can be sailed by all generations.

LOA: 22ft 9in • LWL: 20ft 5in • Beam: 7ft 4in • Draft: 4ft 9in Ballast: 630 lbs • Displacement: 1,750 lbs • Sail Area: 226 ft2 Engine: Outboard • Designer: Alan Johnstone


The new J/88 hits the sweet-spot in J/Boat’s performance sprit range. This mid-size 29 foot family speedster is fast, fun and stable with the security and comfort of a sit-in cockpit, inboard diesel, weekending interior and onboard head. She’s small enough to be single-point lifted, trailered and stored back home without having to rely on the boatyard.

LOA: 29ft 2in • LWL: 26ft 10in • Beam: 9ft 6in • Draft: 6ft 6in • Ballast: 1,840 lbs • Displacement: 4,990 lbs • Sail Area: 439 ft2 • Auxiliary: 14hp • Designer: Rod Johnstone



The J/95 is a break-through, performance daysailor/weekender that sails in less than 4’ of water. The modern hull design is combined with a low VCG (vertical center of gravity) lead keel, retractable bronze centerboard, twin rudders, and wheel steering. The result is an exceptionally fast and stable boat that is a dream to steer and easy to single-hand.

LOA: 31ft 2in • LWL: 28ft 5in • Beam: 10ft • Draft: 3ft/5ft 6in • Ballast: 2,450 lbs • Displacement: 6,000 lbs • Sail Area: 450 ft2 • Auxiliary: 14hp • Designer: Rod Johnstone


The J/97E is the first ‘J’ in 25 years (under 32’) to combine standing headroom for family cruising in a high-performance design. Its modern innovations make sailing easier: an asymmetric spinnaker, retractable bowsprit and a furling, non-overlapping jib. J/97E accommodates more crew than it takes to sail her, and
was named IRC Boat of the Year in France.

LOA: 31ft 6in • LWL: 26ft 7in • Beam: 11ft • Draft: 6ft 3in • Ballast: 2,900 lbs • Displacement: 8,600 lbs • Sail Area: 498 ft2 • Auxiliary: 20hp • Designer: Alan Johnstone


With its elegant, classic lines, exceptional performance on all points of sail, and easy-to-single-handed layout, the J/100 is perfect for a day’s sail or a coastal cruise. Novice sailors and kids feel comfortable in the safe and dry cockpit, and experienced sailors enjoy the J/100’s speed and acceleration. The J/100 sleeps two and is powered by an inboard saildrive.

LOA: 32ft 9in • LWL: 29ft • Beam: 9ft 3in • Draft: 5ft 9in • Ballast: 2,450 lbs • Displacement: 6,500 lbs • Sail Area: 478 ft2 • Auxiliary: 14hp • Designer: Rod Johnstone


The J/105 ignited the Sprit Boat Revolution in the early 90’s and now has 660+ boats in 20+ fleets around the world. The ultimate daysailer/racer/weekender, J/105 is the boat 90% of the people should own if they live near where they sail. J/105 has the cockpit of a 45-footer and an enclosed head, small galley and four large berths. A double-handed Fastnet and Bermuda winner.

LOA: 34ft 6in • LWL: 29ft 6in • Beam: 11ft • Draft: 6ft 6in • Ballast: 3,400 lbs • Displacement: 7,750 lbs • Sail Area: 577 ft2 • Auxiliary: 18hp • Designer: Rod Johnstone


The J/108 is a shoal water capable, 35' cruising yacht with full cruising interior, standing headroom, simplified sail handling, large cockpit, and legendary J performance. With only 4' draft with board up, and twin-rudders for superior tracking and response, the J/108 draws the same as a J/24 and can take you many more places in style and comfort.

LOA: 35ft • LWL: 30ft 6in • Beam: 11ft 6in • Draft: 4ft/6ft 9in • Ballast: 4,400 lbs • Displacement: 11,400 lbs • Sail Area: 603 ft2 • Auxiliary: 30hp • Designer: Alan Johnstone


This sleek, speedy, one-design 36 footer has brought the fun back into sailing. The large cockpit, easy-to-tune carbon rig and 60" wheel permit the crew to sail fast and in control, going to windward at 7+ knots and hitting double-digit speeds downwind. Its 6’ headroom and spacious interior is comfortable for overnighting. Now an ISAF class with a full event schedule!

LOA: 36ft 6in • LWL: 32ft 9in • Beam: 10ft 9in • Draft: 7ft 3in • Ballast: 3,515 lbs • Displacement: 9,300 lbs • Sail Area: 663 ft2 • Auxiliary: 21hp • Designer: Alan Johnstone


The J/112E is the newest addition to J Boats’ “E” series of high performance cruising yachts. The “E” is for elegance and evolution in performance cruising design. Why settle for anything less than sailing with comfort, style and speed. This 36 footer is designed for today’s active sailing family.

LOA: 36ft • LWL: 31.76ft • Beam: 11.75 • Draft: 6.9ft • Ballast: 4,200 lbs • Displacement: 11,300 lbs • Sail Area: 699 ft2

Auxiliary: 30hp • Designer: Alan Johnstone


The J/122E is the world’s most versatile 40-foot performance sprit boat - with comfortable live-aboard accommodations and an unmatched racing record on three continents. Whether sailing offshore or near home, J/122E’s stability and ease-of-handling make it a true joy to daysail, cruise or race.

LOA: 40ft • LWL: 34ft 7in • Beam: 11ft 11in • Draft: 7ft 3in • Ballast: 5,600 lbs • Displacement: 14,900 lbs • Sail Area: 865 ft2 • Auxiliary: 40hp • Designer: Alan Johnstone

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