Eight Bells: Patrick Childress

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Vlogger, author and veteran bluewater sailor Patrick Childress passed away yesterday after a weeks-long battle with COVID-19. He and his wife, Rebecca, both came down with symptoms en route to Cape Town, South Africa. However, only Patrick developed serious complications. The couple was in the middle of sailing around the world on their Valiant 40, Brick House.

“For over 13 years [they have shared] advice and experiences with others who embrace their passion for sailing or travel,” fellow sailor Leanne Coffman wrote on the GoFundMe page she set up to help out Rebecca, who is still in South Africa and in desperate financial straits. “They’ve helped countless people in these years... If you’ve ever had a conversation with either of them, you’d feel the same. Rebecca and Patrick are kind, transparent and lovely—the first to help other sailors with weather advice, support or technical advice,”

Patrick and Rebecca also co-authored a number of articles over the years for SAIL.

Our condolences to Rebecca for her loss. Patrick will be missed by sailors around the world. For more information or to contribute to Coffman’s GoFundMe page to help out Rebecca in her time of need, visit here.



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