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Best Boats 2015: Gunboat 55—video

Best Boats 2015: Gunboat 55—video

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SAIL magazine's best boats 2015: Gunboat 55

While jaw-dropping aesthetics have long been a key signature of the Gunboat brand and are carried to new heights in this boat, so too is offshore safety, and the 55 is no exception. The carbon fiber and Corecell composite hulls and main deck are epoxy-infused via a vacuum-bag system that renders a massively strong hull form. Sacrificial bows and sterns, safety-glass windows, kick-up carbon-fiber rudders and centerboards (with shear pins), escape hatches, carbon-fiber spars and the speed to outrun the worst of most weather systems all add up to a boat that is as secure offshore as any: a fantastic sailing machine that more than does justice to its bigger Gunboat forbearers. 

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