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Sailing Schools

by Sail Staff, Posted April 22, 2003
There are courses to help racers move up in the standings, courses that teach the skills needed for chartering or overnight passages, and even courses where students learn celestial navigation and passagemaking while sailing offshore with an instructor.Most sailing schools are affiliated with an umbrella organization that issues certification. The web sites of these umbrella groups have

XX Games

by Sail Staff, Posted January 22, 2008
Betsy waves me over as I jump off the stern of La Mouette, our chartered Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 453, into the warm waters of Cooper Island’s Manchioneel Bay. My mask and fins are already on. Betsy has found an octopus hiding against a rock shelf; it pulls an empty conch shell over itself when I get too close. I follow a couple of stingrays over to a reef where I spy a school of sergeant majors,
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