Volvo Extreme 40

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The launch of the first Volvo Extreme 40 high-performance racing catamaran was, you could say, extreme. As soon as it hit the water, it was flying a hull with a gennaker and doing over 20 knots in 12 to 14 knots of wind. The project was conceived by Herbert Dercksen and top Olympic cat sailors who are looking to make the stopovers during the Volvo Ocean Race more exciting and spectator friendly. As if racing around the world and around the cans in fully crewed, canting-keel 70-footers is not enough, spectators in stopover ports will be treated to drag-racing by five 40-foot-long catamarans that weigh in at a ridiculous 2,775 pounds and carry 1,345 square feet of sail upwind (2,368 square feet downwind). Baltimore, are you ready to rumble?

For more information, visit Volvo Extreme 40's homepage.

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