Perini 289

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Perini Navi and Yildiz Gemi, the company’s Turkish facility, launched this three-masted ship, the largest sailing yacht in the world, in March 2006. The 289-foot vessel was built in steel and was launched from a drydock moored in the bay of Tuzla.

When fully rigged, the yacht will have three rotating masts and will set nearly 26,000 square feet of sail. The rig and sail controls are managed with sophisticated sailhandling systems that can be handled by just one person. Designed by Ken Freivokh, the Maltese Falcon will displace some 1,389 tons and will have a draft of just under 20 feet.

All three carbon-fiber masts, also built at the Yildiz Gemi yard, are freestanding. The sailplan, based on the Dynarig concept, was developed in concert with Gerard Dijkstra & Partners of Holland. Five separate square sails, all made by Doyle USA, will be set on each mast.

Perini Navi USA , One Maritime Drive, Portsmouth, RI 02871. For more information on the Maltese Falcon click here.

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