Gunboat 34

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Flush with the success of the aggressive Gunboat 62, Peter Johnstone and multihull designers Morelli & Melvin have brought the same go-fast and go-comfortable approach to the new Gunboat 34. It's designed to be easy to singlehand and to easily log double-digit speeds under sail. All lines lead to the helm station, which is located in the center of the open bridgedeck under a hardtop. Living quarters are down in the hulls, but the bridgedeck is obviously going to be the center of activity. It's equipped with plenty of comfortable seats and is also home to the galley. A sink and two-burner stove are positioned directly behind the helm station, and clear plastic side curtains are available for when the weather gets nasty. Gunboat Multihulls, Inc., Wareham, MA; tel. 508-295-1337

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