Freydis Open 50

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The French are all about building and sailing fast multihulls, so when advance billing of the new Freydis Open 50 from Tournier Marine arrived at SAIL introducing a new ocean-racing catamaran for “professionals, semi-professionals, and even amateurs,” I could almost hear French builder Philippe Tournier’s accent as I read. This is not the first multihull designed to be gloves-off fast, but its numbers scream speed. The hulls are light and narrow to keep wetted surface area down, the substantial beam should translate into substantial sail-carring ability, and (of course) the carbon rig rotates for maximum efficiency. Inside these slim hulls and low-profile bridgedeck there’s enough accommodation for minimalist—but fast and fun—cruising for six. And yes, there is a head. Bon voyage.

For more information, visit Tournier Marine.

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