US Sailing Independent Review Panel Reveals New Safety Recommendations

After an extensive investigation into the 2012 Crewed Farallones Race that ended in the deaths of five sailors, the US Sailing Independent Review Panel has published its recommendations to prevent future sailing incidents.

The investigation consisted of a questionnaire given to all Farallones Race participants, interviews with the racers, and analysis of numerous GPS trackings around the islands.

As a result of their findings, the panel calls for increased training for sailors about safety gear, seamanship and piloting.  Compliance with the Minimum Equipment Requirements will be regulated and maintained. It also recommends that all offshore races in the Bay Area develop consistent race protocol between them, and that they improve management, communication and accountability during events.

Panel Chairman Sally Honey is pleased with the results of US Sailing’s research.

“We believe they are off to a good start in achieving more consistency between the various organizing authorities and making offshore racing safer for all,” she says.

The panel will release a full report in June.

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