St. Bart’s Bucket by the Numbers

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the ultra-chic Bucket Regatta series, which began on Nantucket Island in 1986 and has since moved to Newport, Rhode Island, and the island of St. Barthelemy. The first Bucket was an informal affair, with seven boats competing over a 15-mile course. Since then, the Bucket has grown tremendously and has become the event for megayachts, especially in St. Bart, where it will take place next month. Some St. Bart’s Bucket numbers to consider:

100. Minimum allowed LOA to qualify in fleet

288. LOA of the largest registered boat, Maltese Falcon, in fleet

40. Number of boats in the 2011 fleet (the maximum allowed by local authorities)

1. Approximate total LOA in miles of the 40 boats in the 2011 fleet.

20. Approximate number of boats turned away this year.

0.8. Approximate total dollar value of the 2011 fleet, in billions.

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