SpeedDream Launches Prototype in Maine

Yandex, Russia’s leading technology company, is teaming with SpeedDream to attempt to build the world’s fastest monohull. Yandex, as the principal sponsor, will lend SpeedDream its computing power and technological expertise to build a successful design.

SpeedDream launched the prototype SpeedDream27 off of Rockland Maine on October 19, and made history. It was the first time a boat with an extreme canting keel was able to sail with the keel completely out of the water.

“We have taken some proven ideas, extrapolated them out, and applied them to our prototype and the result is a boat that sails effortlessly with the keel flying,” said Vlad Murnikov, lead designer and project innovator. “ This was a great day for SpeedDream and I think for sailing in general.” For more information on SpeedDream visit speeddreamblog.blogspot.com

Photos courtesy of Vlad Murnikov and mxSpeedDream.com

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