Racing, and Winning, in Comfort

There's no rail meat duty on this speedster

There’s no rail meat duty on this speedster


Chalk up another impressive finish for a carbon-fiber performance cruising cat. This time it was the brand-new McConaghy-built MC2 60 Mach2, which finished second overall in the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club’s 656-mile Hong Kong to Vietnam Race, coming in just hours behind the 90-foot canting-keel maxi Ragamuffin.

In doing so, Mach2 owner Raphael Blot and his five crew (compared to the nearly two-dozen pros aboard Ragamuffin) also beat a trio of hard-sailed TP52s and the 90-foot maxi Chivas.

As is the case with the crew of the Gunboat 66 Phaedo, which has been making a name for itself in events such as the Fastnet and 2011 Transatlantic races, the crew seemed to enjoy their quality of life offshore as much as their finish time—especially given the experience of their monohull counterparts during what proved to be a wet and wild downwind sled ride.

“The only time we were showered on was when we took proper showers,” Blot said. “We hear that the guys on the monohulls had a rough time, but we had foie gras and red wine at 20-25 knots.”
Nice ride if you can get it! 

Photo courtesy of Christophe Launay/MC2 Catamarans

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