Moth madness

If you’re into dinghy sailing or high-performance sailing, you’ve likely heard of foiler Moths, the latest iteration in the constantly evolving International Moth Class. These latest Moths use an ingenious senor wand (click here to read about how the mechanics of a foiler Moth work) and a twistable tiller to lift the featherweight, carbon-fiber rocket ships out of the water. With this drastically reduced wetted-surface area comes explosive speeds, tight apparent wind angles (regardless of point of sail), and the ability to “sail” like no other monohull afloat.

SAIL teamed up with V.I.O. Inc. (makers of high-end helmet-mounted cameras) and Team McLube to create this amazing video of the current U.S. National Moth Champion, Bora Gulari, foiling on the waters of Kaneohe, Hawaii. Gulari bested a competitive fleet, including the always-fast-regardless-of-class McKees (Jonathan, Charlie and Bates), to win this event, and, as this footage shows, passing (and passing opportunities) happen with lightning-fast pace on these tiny, airborne dinghies.

So, sit back, crack a cold one, and enjoy this amazing footage. We’ll be amazed if this footage doesn’t leave you contemplating where you can try out a foiler Moth for yourself.

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