J/24 Sinks at Bermuda Invitational

It was Wind 1, Yachts 0 on Monday as Tim Lynch’s J/24, Erin, took a death roll and sank on the last leg of Race 5 of the Bermuda International Invitational Race Week regatta. Erin was flying downwind under spinnaker in 30 knots of wind on Bermuda’s Great Sound, when she took a knockdown and stuck her mast in the water. The cockpit and cabin flooded almost immediately.

No one was injured, and Lynch and his crew Barry Surbuchen, Steven Musicant, Natalie Luthi and Tiffany Wardman were all picked up quickly by chase boats on the course. Several race boats also diverted to render assistance. Efforts to raise Erin from about 50 feet of water were ongoing as of Tuesday.

No races are scheduled for today, but racing will resume on Thursday April 28. Breezy conditions are expected to continue, but nothing like the 30-knot conditions that sank Erin, with winds on at the end of the week expected to be in the teens and low 20s.

In other sailing action, Eugene “Penny” Simmons and his crew aboard Bounty are leading in the seven-race IOD “A” Series. They also lead in the overall competition for the Vrengen Gold Cup Trophy.

At the head of the J/24 fleet, Colorado’s Scott Snyder is continuing to have a perfect week, with first-place finishes across the board, while Peter Rich of the Severn Sailing association in Annapolis, Maryland, is in second with 11 points.

In the Laser fleet, Rockal Evans is in first place with 15 points. Brett Wright is in second with 16 points and Malcolm Smith is in third with 18.

In the Etchells Class, Bermudian Martin Vezina currently holds first place, while in the J/105 class, Not Mine and Elusive are tied for first. For more on both the regatta and regatta organizer, the Bermuda Yacht Club, click here.

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