Francis Joyon 24-Hour Solo Sailing Record Ratified

Francis Joyon now officially holds the 24-hour solo sailing record, after covering 666.2 miles on his trimaran IDEC between the North of the Azores and the tip of the Brittany this past July.

The World Sailing Speed Record Council (WSSRC) ratified the Frenchman’s record, which beats out Joyon’s long-time competitor Thomas Coville’s record by 37.7 miles. Joyon described his attempt as extremely risky and said his average speed often climbed to 32 knots and sometimes peaked at 35 knots.

I just stood in the cockpit for 24 hours with the mainsail sheet in one hand and the solent sheet in the other,” Joyon said. “When the boat dug into a wave, I eased off one or the other.

Joyon thanked the IDEC Group and all of his suppliers for the boat’s superb performance. For more on the WSSRC, visit

Photo by Mer & Média

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