Dragon Wins Atlantic Cup Opener

Team Dragon defeated three other doublehanded teams over the weekend to win the offshore opener of this week’s Atlantic Cup—a new event featuring red-hot Class 40 sloops and $15,000 in prize money.

Dragon completed the course, which began in New York Harbor and ended in Newport, Rhode Island, in just under 31 hours. Its two closest competitors, Team Cutlass-11th Hour Racing and Toothface, finished less than two hours later. Icarus Racing finished fourth.

This weekend, attention focuses on Newport, where the four boats will stage a series of fully crewed inshore races, May 14-15. The regatta headquarters will be located at the Newport Shipyard.

After the race, Dragon crew, Mike Hennessy and Rob Windsor, said they were thrilled to have arrived first after a questionable start to the race. “I think everyone suffered at different points during the race, we suffered before the gun, we were a little far north of the line, caught a no wind and headed in the wrong direction,” Hennessy said.

After the Saturday morning start, Dragon ground down the competition until they were in a close second behind Team Cutlass-11th Hour Racing Sunday morning. It was then that Hennessy and Windsor decided to separate from their competition by going west of Block Island—a decision that ultimately gave them the race.

“Once we got to Point Judith and I had to use binoculars to see the next boat behind us, I knew we were pretty good,” Windsor said.

For more on the regatta, which is being organized by 11th Hour Racing and is sponsored by marine apparel manufacturer Atlantis Weather Gear and Thomson Reuters, click here.

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