David Wright Takes Laser North Americans

July 27, 2008

Canadian David Wright nailed the Laser North American Championship completed today on San Francisco Bay, skipping the final race with a comfortable margin and turning his attention next to the Laser Slalom, a classic that is being revived Monday through Wednesday.

The epic Slaloms of decades past were sailed in winds of 25 knots or more over countercurrent—conditions that had even the heroes swimming from time to time. The odds for a repeat? Who knows.

Wright has a reputation for handling shifty, puffy winds well, which won’t mean much in the Slalom but clearly mattered in the moderate conditions that prevailed for the North Americans. Moderate by community standards.

He arrived a month ahead of the regatta, taught some clinics, spent time in-pow-wow with Mike Kalin, who runs the junior program at host St. Francis Yacht Club, and went into the regatta confident of his knowledge of wind and current on the San Francisco cityfront and prepared to manage transitions of wind and current by maintaining, shall we say, a close relationship to his top competitors. In this series that would have been, in order, Bernard Luttmer, Brad Funk, Abe Korchinsky, and Luke Lawrence.

Wright’s final tally: 1-1-1- [10]-1-1-2-2-4-1- [59/DNS] for a total of 14 points

Diego Reyes won the Laser 4.7 category and Allan Clark won in Laser Radials.

You can listen to David Wright TELLING IT BETTER, IN HIS OWN WORDS.

—Kimball Livingston

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