Swiped my Dolly

Sailors have long sought to express their love of boats and the water in song, but few have done it as well, or with as much originality, as Dayton Colie of Charleston, South Carolina.

A lifelong sailor and founder of what he describes as the “Sailcore” movement, Colie recently released his second album, “Somebody Swiped my Dolly,” a collection of melodies paying homage to everything from the trials and tribulations of human ballast on a race boat (“Rail Meat Waiting to Party”) to the simple pleasure of sailing on a Sunday afternoon (“Good Sunday”).

Unlike many guitar-wielding sailors, Colie’s music bears little resemblance to that of Jimmy Buffett, the putative godfather of maritime maestros. Although Colie draws inspiration from a broad range of sailing experiences, much of his work focuses on racing, in a way that is refreshingly candid and funny. No rock-star wanna-be ego at work here—just a skiff sailor looking to have some fun.

Colie, who released an album titled “Orange Tetrahedron” in 2008, is a jazz bass player and high school art teacher. He has also raced and cruised everything from Sunfish to E-scows and J/105s.

Although he’s performed at a few regattas, Colie says it can be tough tuning in his creative side after spending the day in race mode. Nonetheless, it’s something he’d like to do more of. “I’d love to play more at regattas. That’s where my people are!” he says.

To visit Dayton’s website and learn more about him, click here. And to listen to some of the songs that are currently making up the SAIL office’s playlist, click here. Note: personal favorites are “Opti Mom” and “Jaws Up Jaws Down.”

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