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The struggling Defender crossed the finish line flying a protest flag—5 minutes 26 seconds in arrears in a graying twilight, temperatures dropping (what, you forgot gloves?) —but the second and final race of the 33rd America’s Cup match will be remembered as a second drubbing by the


Mode Mod

by Kimball Livingston, Posted February 13, 2010
You know it’s early in Race 1 if Alinghi is ahead Gilles Martin-Raget/BOR

It’s cold in Valencia the day after Race One, threatening rain, windy and gray and gloomy. Time to go sailing. No, not the crew of the catamaran Alinghi 5, seen here, where “re-mode” would be the theme,

It wouldn’t be fair to say the mood was gloomy as Alinghi 5 docked out on Sunday morning to face match point in America’s Cup 33. It would, however, be fair to say that the crowd was thin. The resolve of the team and the cheers of family did not match the restrained ebullience in and around the BMW Oracle Racing team, which has every reason to be hopeful of winning Race Two and the


by Kimball Livingston, Posted February 12, 2010
While the advantage ebbed and flowed in the prestart and in the first few minutes of the first leg, the challenger USA overcame a 650 meter deficit and passed Alinghi just 15 minutes into the first race of America's Cup 33. From there, the Americans never looked back. It's 1-0 in a best-of-three match.

Imagine you're Jimmy Spithill and you're no longer a


A Sailor's Journey

by Sail Staff, Posted February 12, 2010
My sailing journey began in 1983 when I met my future husband, who then owned a 25-foot daysailer. We sailed locally on New Jersey’s Raritan Bay on weekends, with an occasional evening sail during the week. After a few years of daysailing we graduated to a 27-foot cruiser. We spent most weekends and our summer vacations cruising together. But then I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a
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