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USA wins Race One

by Meredith Laitos, Posted February 12, 2010

Today in Valencia, USA, the trimaran sailed by the Challenger, BMW ORACLE Racing Team, crossed the finish line 15 minutes and 28 seconds before the Defender Alinghi during Race One of the 33rd America's Cup. After two days of postponement, today's race kicked of a best-of-three match that will last throughout the weekend and possibly into next week.


USA, represented by San


AC Friday: GAME ON

by MacDuff Perkins, Posted February 12, 2010
With only 3kts of wind, Alinghi and USA are on the line reading 23 and 17kts, respectively.

For the best up-to-the minute coverage, check out the official America's Cup live ticker. For all the inside details, a race breakdown, and final wrap up, check back for Kimball Livingston's report from


Failure to Launch

by Sail Staff, Posted February 11, 2010
The wind at dawn blew from the mountains across the plain and out to sea, bringing tears to unprotected eyes and cutting through parkas and fleece that yesterday felt warm enough for winter on the Spanish Mediterranean but now we know the falsehood of that. I walked from playa to darsena with the sun two fingers above the sea, lighting the Varadero Publico that houses Race

Patience Please

by Kimball Livingston, Posted February 10, 2010
Define slow news day:

"Paul Cayard walking around the media center with a EuroSport microphone interviewing journalists."

Define buzz:

"Media Center staff walking through at noon with the surprise words, 'We’re racing. We’re racing'."

Define letdown:

"When three minutes later you see this screen."

So much for Wednesday. This time it was about too much seaway


AC Racing Abandoned for Wednesday

by Sail Staff, Posted February 10, 2010
The first race of the 33rd America's Cup Match has been postponed yet again, this time until Friday. Today's attempt to commence the best-of-three Deed of Gift Match between Defender Alinghi and Challenger BMW Oracle Racing was postponed due to rough sea conditions on the Mediterranean outside Valencia.

“The waves were the biggest problem. I think they were about 1.3m average size in the

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