Artemis takes the MedCup

By Lyn Hines

Hyres, France

The Artemis crew was applauded by their competitors as they tied to the dock after the final race in Hyres, which was also the wrapup of the 2007 MedCup season. A cooler full of “greenies” held the favorites even after the champagne had been opened and sent flying.

The final day never saw more than 10 knots of wind, but it was enough to go sailing and get in two races, and the “go-left” rule on this race track was never so evident. Artemis was first to tack to the right off the committee boat in the first race and next-to-last to round the first windward mark. It made one wonder if the leader, with so many points in the bank, did it on purpose!

What was different in the finale was a shift to the left downwind; boats made an earlier gybe, or some, like Cristabella, gybe-set at the mark.

Vasco Vascotto, on Mutua Madrilena, found the light winds to the liking of his boat and crew; they pulled in a 1st and 3rd and closed within 2 points of second-place Caixia Galicia. Nonetheless, it’s the Irish team, Patches, in third for the season.

That’s it for the MedCup, but there remains the TP52 Global Championship in Porto Cervo, Sardinia. Some boats, such as the Russian boat, Rusal will head to events in Key West and Miami.

Nothaving sailed every event, American boats suffered in the final standings. Bambakou finished 23rd for the series, Windquest 18th and Glory 17th.

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