Getting Personal

For those looking to capture the true tenor of the 33rd America’s Cup without having to wade through all those boring legal briefs, look no further than the work of Alinghi’s team cartoonist, Mark O’Brien.

A native of Dunedin, New Zealand, O’Brien has been covering sailing for years, ever since he created a series on the 1989-90 Whitbread for the Auckland Star during the fleet’s stopover there. This is the fifth America’s Cup he has covered. For the 32rd Cup regatta in 2007, he went to Valencia as the team cartoonist for Prada’s Luna Rossa.

Not surprisingly, O’Brien has had ample material to work with in this current America’s Cup cycle, what with helicopter-borne mega-cats, endless legal wrangling and a collection of personalities that does not exactly seem to be getting along right now.

Indeed, it may be the super-heated atmosphere of the current deed-of-gift wrangling, but I can’t help thinking there’s a bit of an edge to O’Brien’s latest work that takes it beyond what he’s done in the past. We’ll see what his take on things will be if and when there’s ever any actual racing.

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