Alinghi and Team Extreme in Major Collision

Day Four of the Extreme Sailing Series’ Istanbul stopover proved to be exactly that: extreme. In roughly 19 knots of breeze, with 11 boats gearing up for the start, Alinghi and Team Extreme suffered a classic port-starboard collision when Alinghi tried to duck below, but simply did not have enough room.

Attendees reported hearing the crash from as much as 500 meters away. Alinghi crewmember Yves Detry was immediately taken off the boat with an injury to his arm, but has reported that the injury is non-serious. While Alinghi suffered bow sprit damage, Team Extreme‘s port hull had a massive puncture wound and had to be kept afloat by a support RIB. Both boats were towed off the course and lifted out of the water for the remainder of the day’s races.

Next stop for the Extreme Sailing Series will be Boston June 30-July 4, where the 11 teams will compete off Fan Pier.

Watch the video below to get a full sense of the action.

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