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In many ways we are living in a new Golden Age of sailboat racing, and SAIL magazine covers it all, from the America’s Cup to solo-sailing races like the Vendée Globe and the new boat designs, gear and electronics systems that make these incredible feats of seamanship possible.

America's Cup

Overview: The 35th America’s Cup

The 35th America’s Cup, set to take place on Bermuda’s Great Sound, officially kicks off May 26 with the start of the Louis Vuitton Qualifiers, comprised of a pair of elimination rounds that conclude June 12. The winner then takes on the Defender, Oracle Team USA, in a best of 13 series beginning June 17. Read More

US Sailing Team Miami | Sailing World Cup 2017


Veterans Aiming for 2020 Olympic Games

Will long-term commitments and new funding result in Olympic success? If one thing has become evident in Olympic sailing, it’s that experience counts. No longer can a sailor decide to throw his or her hat into the ring a couple of years in advance of the next Games and hope to medal. Olympic sailing is Read More


America's Cup

35th America’s Cup Teams

Oracle Team USA It would be hard to overestimate the strengths of the Defender, Oracle Team USA. A team comprised of some of the best sailing talent in the world, including such veterans as tactician Tom Slingsby and wing-trimmer Kyle Langford—both critical elements in the team’s 2013 win? Check. Oodles of design experience with full-foiling Read More

Photo courtesy Antigua-Bermuda Race/Ted Martin

Sail Racing

Breaking: Crew Abandons Ship in Antigua Bermuda Race

The crew of the Farr PH 56 Monterey has reportedly abandoned ship after the boat began taking on water. The cause of the water ingress is as yet unknown. According to the Antigua Bermuda Race Committee, the crew and its skipper, Les Crain of Bermuda, are safe and well after having transferred onto the Volvo Read More


Volvo Ocean Race

Volvo Race Renews its U.S. Roots

Even as the America’s Cup continues to drift farther and farther away from North American sailing fans, the Volvo Ocean Race continues to sink deeper roots in U.S. soil. First, there was the decision to return to Newport, Rhode Island, site of one of the more successful stopovers during the 2014-15 race. Then came the Read More


America's Cup

A Full-foiling Tack in the America’s Cup

In the 34th America’s Cup, simply getting your AC72 airborne was a big challenge, with remaining airborne through a gybe was like the “Holy Grail.” Now full-foiling gybes have become routine and full-foiling tacks are the name of the game, not just in terms of boatspeed, but in the way they open things up tactically. Read More


America's Cup

America’s Cup Skipper Franck Cammas

Meet our new favorite America’s Cup skipper: Franck Cammas of Groupama Team France, the French sailing legend who says he perfectly comfortable occupying the position of underdog in the run-up to the 35th Cup. A tenacious sailor who has won pretty much everything else in sailing that there is, he revels in the technical details Read More


America's Cup

Full-foiling Technology and the America’s Cup

Never mind the silly intro—nor, for that matter, how odd it is seeing longtime Emirates Team New Zealand stalwart Nick Holroyd working for another country—in this video Softbank Team Japan technical director Holroyd provides the best overview of the factors involved in getting and ACC catamaran to foil we’ve ever seen. Of course, this being Read More