Sail Racing

In many ways we are living in a new Golden Age of sailboat racing, and SAIL magazine covers it all, from the America’s Cup to solo-sailing races like the Vendée Globe and the new boat designs, gear and electronics systems that make these incredible feats of seamanship possible.


Sail Racing

Volvo Ocean Race Fleet Departing Soon For Lisbon

It seems the six-boat 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race fleet only arrived in Newport, Rhode Island, yesterday, and already the sailors are getting ready to set out on the 2,800-mile seventh leg to Lisbon this Sunday. By VOR standards this one will be a quickie—only eight to nine days Read More



Racing Tips: Feel the Heel

Years ago, I attended a seminar where Olympic gold medalist and America’s Cup winner Buddy Melges was on the panel. He said he could be sitting on his porch looking at a group of boats sailing along on a breezy, puffy day on Lake Geneva (Wisconsin) and tell which one was fastest just by its angle of heel. Read More


Sail Racing

Abu Dhabi Surges ahead in the Volvo Race.

While it may still be too early to say anything about the race having been broken wide open, Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing’s Azzam is now clearly the team to beat in the 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race, following a decisive victory in Leg 5. Read More


Sail Racing

Ronstan Constrictor Rope Clutches

the C&C 30 design team decided to employ a pair of narrow, Ronstan Constrictor rope clutches, which use a tubular fabric “sock” (think Chinese finger cuffs), as opposed metal teeth to secure the line. Read More



Barcelona World Race Record Set

After 84 days at sea, Frenchman Bernard Stamm and Swiss sailor Jean Le Cam have not only won the double-handed Barcelona World Race, but set a new record for the event, which was first established in 2007. Read More


Sail Racing

Volvo Ocean Race Returns to the Southern Ocean

After months of battling tropical calms, and bouncing back and forth across the Doldrums in no less than three different oceans, it’s time for the 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race to return to its stormy roots. As in races past, Leg 4, which stretches 6,776 miles from Auckland to Itajaí, Brazil, will push the six competing crews to the limit and then some as they battler their way through the Southern Ocean and around Cape Horn. Read More