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Immediately following on the heels of Justice Herman Cahn’s decision to uphold his November 27, 2007 decision that the Golden Gate Yacht Club shall be the official challenger of record for the 33rd America’s Cup, BMW Oracle Racing (BOR) announces their star-studded line up. The roster is deep, with talent from many disciplines of high-end sailing. Here’s a look at who will be doing what on whatever boat is used to challenge for the next Cup:

Alberto Barovier, Italy, foredeck
Russell Coutts, New Zealand, skipper
Simone de Mari, Italy, pit
Dirk de Ridder, The Netherlands, mainsail trimmer
Noel Drennan, Ireland; mainsail trimmer
Larry Ellison, USA, afterguard
Shannon Falcone, United Kingdom, mast
Daniel Fong, New Zealand, trimmer
Ross Halcrow, New Zealand, trimmer
Jared Henderson, New Zealand, pit
John Kostecki, USA, tactician
Michele Ivaldi, Italy, navigator
Jonathan Macbeth, New Zealand, grinder
Brian MacInnes, Canada, grinder
Gilberto Nobili, Italy, grinder
Joe Newton, Australia, trimmer
Hamish Pepper, New Zealand, strategist
Matteo Plazzi, Italy, navigator
Max Sirena, Italy, foredeck
Alan Smith, New Zealand, foredeck
James Spithill, Australia, helmsman
Joe Spooner, New Zealand, grinder
Andrew Taylor, New Zealand, grinder
Simeon Tienpont, The Netherlands, grinder
Brad Webb, New Zealand, foredeck
Carl Williams, New Zealand, grinder

Stay tuned for more information about the 33rd America’s Cup as it emerges. For more info on BOR, check out

Posted: March 20, 2008

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