Displacement worksheet

by Sail Staff, Posted March 19, 2004
Cruising guru Nigel Calder offers a formula for calculating what your boat really weighs when it's all loaded up and ready to sail. Use the worksheet to accurately predict your boat's
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The Perils of Towing

by Sail Staff, Posted November 14, 2003
Bill Springer discussed the difference between towing and salvage in the July 2003 SAIL. For more information log on to the following sites.


Membership provides:24-hour/7 day-a-week dispatch, Unlimited service area towing, Soft ungrounding assistance, Fuel drops, Jump starts, Prop disentanglements, Reimbursed world-wide/out of service area coverage, Optional trailer assistance.

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Rogue waves

by Kimball Livingston, Posted October 6, 2003
When SAIL decided to print something on rogue waves (October, 2003), the first question that came up among the editors was—what IS a rogue wave? Soon it became clear that "rogue wave" means different things to different people. Faced with the job of making sense, or a bit of sense, of the jumble, I eventually decided that a rogue is any wave that is bigger, steeper, moving faster, or coming
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How to buy a boat

by Charles Mason, Posted October 1, 2003
With interest rates at historic lows, what are you waiting for? asks SAIL's Executive Editor Charles Mason

Now that the annual percentage rate (APR) on the unpaid balance of a 15- or 20-year boat loan in some areas of the country is lower than comparable financing for a house, buying a boat just might be a smart decision. If the boat meets certain standards


Saving Sandy Spit & Green Cay

by Sail Staff, Posted August 6, 2003
Caribbean sailors and locals alike—led by Jost Van Dyke musician and entrepreneur Foxy—have have spent 2003 raising funds to purchase and preserve the romantic islets of Sandy Spit and Green Cay, favored stopovers in the British Virgin Islands and easily the source of more Madison Avenue-fueled daydreams than any other outcropping of tropical sand and palm trees anywhere on the Blue

Facnor's flat deck furler on a J/111

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