Time for Time on Time?

by Sail Staff, Posted May 3, 2006
When the starting gun fires for Race 1 of Downeast Race Week 2006, the fleet will not be racing IRC. They tried that in 2005. Then they went back to PHRF, but not scored Time on Distance. Unlike most racers in the USA, these sailors of Maine will be marching to their own drummer, and scoring Time on Time.

Our West Coast editor, Kimball Livingston, reached out to the Mysterious East Coast

Gear and Reviews

New Gear - April 2006

by Sail Staff, Posted May 3, 2006
A Sail for RidingMost boats don’t behave as well when anchored with rope rode as they do when lying to chain. They tend to sheer about much more, especially in wind-against-tide scenarios, which is bad for your nerves—and those of your neighbors. One way of coping with this is to set a riding sail on the backstay to help keep the bow pointed into the wind. You could make one of

Cruising Tips - Navigation

by Sail Staff, Posted May 2, 2006
Chart Smart (July 2006)

We arrived off Suva, the capital of Fiji, after a 10-day passage from New Zealand. While we knew the island of Viti Levu was about 5 miles off our bow, we couldn’t see it because of a heavy rainstorm. My husband, Bob, turned on the computer and looked at the electronic charts we had added to our navigation suite a few weeks earlier. We wanted to use them to

Cruising Tips

Cruising Tips - April 2006

by Sail Staff, Posted May 1, 2006
This month: rafting safety; making a chain collar; waxing your dinghy; and the Flemish coil.


Avoid Damage AloftOne potential danger when sailboats lie alongside one another for a convivial night is that if they roll to a wash or begin to move in an unexpected sea, the spreaders can clash together and suffer catastrophic damage. Always look aloft


French Connection

by Sail Staff, Posted April 18, 2006
In July, my husband, John, and I and our son, Jack, sailed across the English Channel, and motored through 176 locks, taking seven weeks to travel from Le Havre in northern France, to St. Louis, on the Mediterranean, on our Moody 38. Below are some notes for a successful canal cruise.

Bicycles. Useful for riding to the bakery or just exploring the countryside: The steep hills


Footage of the Race Leaders Rounding Cape Horn

Facnor's flat deck furler on a J/111

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