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by Peter Nielsen, Posted March 3, 2006
A sailmaker, a boatbuilder, and a naval architect are standing at a bar having a quiet drink… no, this isn’t yet another incarnation of an old joke. It’s how sailmaker Robbie Doyle explains the genesis of the e33, a collaboration between him, builder Dirk Kneulman, and designer Jeremy Wurmfeld. Talk turned to the declining state of one-design racing and of what type of boat it would take to
Pittman Innovation Awards

2006 FKP Awards

by Sail Staff, Posted March 1, 2006
Freeman K. Pittman, SAIL’s technical editor for many years until his death in 1996, was respected throughout the sailing industry for his great appreciation of excellence and technical innovation in sailing gear. Each year SAIL editors scour the boat shows for the best of the new products on the North American market—the kind of gear that Freeman would have loved. For 2006, editor Peter Nielsen
Boat Handling This month: carrying a kite; a shorter scope; steering tips; sail saver; using lights on the high seas.


To Flash or NotFlashing white lights are far more noticeable than fixed ones and can be much brighter for the same average power drain. However, it’s dangerous and illegal to show anything that could be confused with a navigation aid, so


Rescuing History in Biloxi

by Sail Staff, Posted February 28, 2006
How would you like to be the proud owner of a very inexpensive 1984 Judel/Vrolijk One Tonner named SudPack? Make an offer, but understand she's up a tree. Several trees, actually. Or howzabout a 1966 Westerly 30 for $5,500? It's for a good cause.

There's little on the Gulf Coast that didn't take a battering from the hurricanes of 2005, and that includes the Maritime and Seafood

Excerpted from John Rousmaniere's new book, published by Mystic Seaport and the Cruising Club of America. Available from the Mystic Seaport Bookstore


What everybody who sailed the roughest of all Bermuda Races remembered best was the true thrash, if not


Facnor's flat deck furler on a J/111

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