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New Gear - April 2007

by Sail Staff, Posted May 11, 2007
Edited by David Schmidt

AerobucksIn 2003 Erin Hemmings used an Aerobie Pro Ring to set the Guinness World Record for the longest throw of an object without any velocity-adding propulsion. Now Aerobie has launched a hand-held espresso maker. The connection? Both devices help you go the distance. Simply insert a filter, set the AeroPress over a coffee mug, add coffee and

Boat Reviews

Open 5.70

by Bill Springer, Posted May 11, 2007
With its flat, plane-friendly Groupe Finot hull shape, dual rudders, square-headed full-batten main, and lifting, narrow-chord bulb keel, the Open 5.7 is obviously designed for the high-end of the performance spectrum. It’s only 20 feet long, displaces merely 1,020 pounds (330 pounds are in the keel), and boasts a working sail area of 280 square feet. Off the wind the 5.7 carries a

Louis Vuitton Cup: The Semifinal Round

by Sail Staff, Posted May 11, 2007

For daily updates and insight from Valencia, see Kimball Livingston's GOT LIVE blog linked from our home page


Events are moving fast. In the semifinal round of the challenger eliminations we have two pairings. Each pair races until somebody wins five races. That boat advances, and the other is through, thank you very much. With breaks, the semis run May 14-24. Then we have the final


Juan Fast Tractor

by Sail Staff, Posted May 6, 2007

By Kimball Livingston
(the pics too)


Wanna have fun? Go talk to Juan K about Volvo boats, running a design office, and of course this boat race that's happening in Valencia. Listen to him talk about "doing Formula One on a tractor," and mobile Cup teams, and be sure to check out the 128-cpu computer that arrived last November and


The Other Oracle

by Sail Staff, Posted April 29, 2007

By Kimball Livingston


Malin Burnham is a man I trust, and not only because he wears his Top Siders without socks, proper-like. If he's willing to talk about changes at the America's Cup (Cup in Dubai?) or about the good reasons for retaining the America's Cup Class, or the prospects for and meaning of a US win in America's Cup 32, I'm ready to listen. No


Facnor's flat deck furler on a J/111

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