Walkin' the Dock at Key West

by Sail Staff, Posted January 21, 2008
By David Schmidt

Getting here isn’t easy. For some, it involves a multi-leg prop-job hop from a major airport to a local airport to the tiny airstrip known as Key West. For me, it involved a hair-raising journey on a jet-powered CRJ that managed to land on a very short runway, one rear wheel in contact with Planet Earth before the side winds relented, full contact was made,


Joyon Rules On Planet Earth

by Sail Staff, Posted January 20, 2008
Francis Joyon completed his solo round-the-world voyage in 57 days, 13 hours 34 minutes, smashing Ellen MacArthur's existing record by 14 days. The IDEC trimaran crossed the finish line off Brest on Sunday, January 20 at 00:39:58 French time, making Joyon for a second time the fastest solo yachtsman around the world.

For more, follow the link to Kimball Livingston's blog entry on


What a Fiasco!

by Sail Staff, Posted January 18, 2008

By Kimball Livingston


There's no explaining the Three Bridge Fiasco to people who expect things to make sense. We're talking about a race sailed in the dead of winter, when you can't count on breeze on San Francisco Bay, but you can expect the currents to be running big-time. A bay, we call it, because the sea floods in, but the Golden Gate is also a drain spout for 16 rivers


Cleaning Agent

by Sail Staff, Posted January 18, 2008
Purosol’s enzyme-based Sport/Marine cleaner is formulated to break down organic salts without harming coated lenses or displays. The manufacturer claims that Purosol breaks down the bonds that allow salt, dirt, and grime to adhere to a surface, without damaging antiglare coatings or a display unit’s porous screen. $7.95. Origin Laboratories, 626-568-1100, FULL STORY
Apparel + Accessories

Warm Zone

by Sail Staff, Posted January 18, 2008
When it’s wet and cold outside, few fibers keep you as comfortable as wool. Smart-Wool garments are not scratchy like some woolen clothing and will keep you well insulated and free of damp, itch, and odor thanks to its internal merino wool construction. Clothing of various types for men, women, and children offer amazing warmth for the weight. See the Web site for products and prices. Smart-

Footage of the Race Leaders Rounding Cape Horn

Facnor's flat deck furler on a J/111

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