Red Bull Makes You Fly

by Sail Staff, Posted February 5, 2007
Story and Photos by Heike Schwab

DubaiThere is a general expectation that fashion-forward Dubai has a future in America's Cup competition. If you find that far fetched—for an Arab Emirate lying across the Persian Gulf from Iran and 500 miles from Iraq—offer a different explanation of why the America's Cup and the Louis Vuitton Cup and longtime

Cruising Grounds

We cruised by the Strawberry Island Lighthouse in Canada’s North Channel at 7 knots in a brisk 25-knot wind. I was aboard Henk Vanderhulst’s Precision 23, Go Gently, and he, despite his 80 years, was unwilling to risk his reputation for leaving the fleet in his wake.


Giggle This

by Sail Staff, Posted January 30, 2007
You gotta love watching the crazy (and apparently rather smart) Frenchmen who touched 47.2 knots in their contraption, l’Hydroptre. They're after official speed records, and they just might get them.

I watched the video and just sat here giggling, imagining the ride. And then I did it again. Maybe I'm strange, but that's what happens for me at

Boat Reviews

Alerion Express 38

by Bill Springer, Posted January 29, 2007
It could be said that Garry Hoyt’s Alerion Express 28 was ahead of the “big daysailer” trend when it was launched in the early 1990s. I took his latest entry in this growing genre—the Alerion Express 38—for a test sail in light air off Newport, Rhode Island.

Under Sail

The boat is designed to excel in light air, and my test sail proved it was up to the task.

    Boat Reviews

    Delphia 37

    by Tom Dove, Posted January 29, 2007

    Just when a seasoned boat reviewer thinks he’s seen all the possible variations among midsize cruising monohulls, along comes a vessel to jar him out of that notion. The Delphia 37 did that for me. The designer is unknown in America, the factory is in Poland, and the boat is a delight to sail.

    On DeckThe deck and cockpit will work nicely for daysailing,


    Facnor's flat deck furler on a J/111

    image description
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