Transat Racers Blasted

by Sail Staff, Posted May 13, 2008
Three days into the Artemis Transat the 24 singlehanded racers bound across the Atlantic are feeling the impact of a pounding. Overnight winds into the 30's took a toll on 60-footers and 40-footers alike, and it's not as though the skippers are anything but experienced. Among them the skippers have a collected experience of 270+ Atlantic crossings—but this will be the first time that a

The Transatlantic Solo is Under Way

by Sail Staff, Posted May 12, 2008
The Artemis Transat left Plymouth, England on Sunday, bound across the Atlantic for the USA and a finish line at Boston, Massachusetts. With that dry statement we launch a grand adventure—

Loick Peyron (Gitana Eighty) was the first skipper at the Eddystone gate. But there is an ocean to cross, and the first night at sea might prove tricky.

It was a fantastic

Gear and Reviews

May 2008 – Flagships New Gear

by Sail Staff, Posted May 9, 2008
Locked and LoadedOne of the great pleasures of voyaging is exploring ashore. An onboard bicycle can be a great convenience, but full-sized bikes are hard to stow. Folding bikes with small wheels can be unstable and tiring to ride. SwissBike’s XO boasts 26-inch wheels, an aluminum frame, a front shock absorber, high-quality components, and an easy-to-use folding
Gear and Reviews

New Gear – April 2008

by Sail Staff, Posted May 9, 2008
Vision QuestLooking for one pair of go-to shades that will serve you equally well on the water, at the club, and on the ski slopes? Kaenon’s new Kabin model features simple-yet-elegant Italian styling and is made of injection-molded TR-90 plastic for durability and minimal weight. The Kabin’s ultra-grippy nose pads will hold the glasses securely on your face, and the


by David Schmidt, Posted May 8, 2008
“Ooohhh, is that a Rambler shirt?”

It was a female sailor cooing to the rest of her all-female crew at Antigua Sailing Week as I walked past their charter boat at Jolley Harbor. Tempting but—

I glued my eyes to the dock and kept right on walking, pretending that I hadn’t heard her comment. Not only am I happily married, I’m also a sailing journalist


Facnor's flat deck furler on a J/111

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