Inshore Racing After years of wanting to join forces, the Midwest College Sailing Association (MCSA) is excited to hold its annual Midwinters Conference in conjunction with Strictly Sail Chicago. The collaboration came together with help from Harken representative Bill Goggins who acted as the liaison, working with Navy Pier and Sail America to make the weekend a reality. Members of the MCSA are especially

Check out Strictly Sail Chicago 2009

by Sail Staff, Posted January 29, 2009
Welcome to Strictly Sail Chicago, the only all-sailboat show in the Midwest and the nation’s largest indoor boat show! SAIL magazine will be reporting live from the event all weekend, providing you with updates on the goings-on at the show. With over 200 educational seminars, 250 exhibitors, and 20,000 visitors predicted to attend, Chicago’s Navy Pier is sure to be full of the latest buzz in the

Strictly Sail Chicago 2009 Schedule

by Sail Staff, Posted January 29, 2009
Thursday, January 29: 1100-2000 hoursFriday, January 30: 1100-2000 hoursSaturday, January 31: 900 to 1900 hoursSunday, February 1: 900 to 1600 hoursHere’s what we can expect from the 14th annual Strictly Sail Chicago:

Here’s what we can expect:

With a troublesome vibe permeating the economic airwaves, there was speculation that Strictly Sail


A Girl Against the Odds

by Meredith Laitos, Posted January 29, 2009
The Mount Everest of Sailing. The most grueling race a sailor can enter. An outrageous challenge and an epic adventure. The Vendee Globe race is all of these. Saying it’s a tough race to win is hyperbole; it’s a tough race to merely compete in. Every year, world-class sailors in state-of-the-art boats are forced to abandon the race for a variety of reasons. In 1992, British sailor Nigel
Boat Reviews

Moxie 37

by Sail Staff, Posted January 23, 2009
I was excited to see the South Africa–built Moxie 37 Island Hopper maneuvering into position before the Annapolis Boat Show opened last fall. It was unlike any other medium-size (under 40 feet) cruising cat at the show, and it was the first Moxie to appear in the U.S. I jumped aboard as soon as they tied up to the dock. It has a recessed working area at the base of the mast that's reminiscent of

Facnor's flat deck furler on a J/111

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