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May 2008 – Flagships New Gear

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Locked and Loaded One of the great pleasures of voyaging is exploring ashore. An onboard bicycle can be a great convenience, but full-sized bikes are hard to stow. Folding bikes with small wheels can be unstable and tiring to ride. SwissBike’s XO boasts 26-inch wheels, an aluminum frame, a front shock absorber, high-quality components, and an easy-to-use folding mechanism. It handles both trails and streets with ease. Best yet, it folds down small, and an easy-to-carry accessory bag makes stowing it a breeze. $1,995. SwissBike, 800-736-5348,

Water World Getting a line wrapped around your prop is bad enough; not realizing it in time is worse. Luckily, YachtCam International’s new closed-circuit underwater video cameras are mounted on a hydrodynamic pod (only one through-hull hole is required) and can deliver a real-time view of what’s happening under your hull. The camera features super-high-resolution imagery, internal ultra-intense LEDs for illumination, and a scratch-resistant borsolite lens that resists growth buildup; multiple cameras can be networked to provide different vantage points. The cameras can also be used to view marine life or simply to enjoy a different perspective. From $3,200. YachtCam International, 866-535-2044,

Tactigator High-end racing demands high-end electronics, especially when it comes to on-deck navigation. B&G’s new RaceVision 3000, a rugged, tablet-style touch-screen PC for on-deck use, can be ordered with a Bluetooth wireless port or can be configured for use with a boat’s WLAN system. The system’s antennas can be located anywhere and allow the device to communicate wirelessly with the boat’s instruments. The RaceVision 3000 comes loaded with B&G’s proven Deckman tactical software and runs on a Windows XP platform, allowing third-party software to be added. $10,186. Navico, 425-778-8821,

Remote Watchdog Keeping an eye on your yacht when you’re not aboard is a high priority, yet many owners simply don’t have the time to constantly check on their vessels. Xanboo’s solution is Model iY600, a remote monitoring system that delivers live video and monitors onboard temperature, water levels, and motion and sends alerts to a cell phone and/or PC if any secured door is opened. The plug-and-play system allows you to watch video footage of your yacht entering or leaving a harbor and even to dim lights remotely. $2,450 for the unit, plus a $79.95 monthly monitoring fee. Xanboo, 212-714-2295,

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